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Government Of Assam Parliamentary Affairs

Function and Objectives

  • Mandate of the Department:

    The Parliamentary Affairs Department acts as a coordinating agency between the Government and the State Legislature in respect of Government business in the Legislature.

    Functions, roles and responsibilities of the Department :

    The Parliamentary Affairs Department work on behalf of the Government departments for efficient conduct of Government business in the Legislature and to facilitate and exercise of statutory responsibilities towards the Hon'ble Governor of Assam, Council of Ministers and the State Legislature. The functions and duties of the Department as per the Assam Rules of Executive Business, 1968 are as follows :- 

    1. Assumption of office by the Governor.
    2. Co-ordination between administrative and legislative Wings.
    3. Assurance Committee matters. Scrutiny and implementation reports.
    4. Instructions/guidance to Departments on procedural matters with regard to Assembly matters.
    5. Follow up actions in respect of recommendations of various House Committees, e.g., P.A.C., Estimates Committee, etc.
    6. Compilation and submission of weekly returns in respect of disposal of Assembly questions.
    7. Matters relating to the assumption and relinquishment of offices by the Ministers, Ministers of States and Deputy Ministers.
    8. Reimbursement of Medical bills of Ministers.
    9. Matters relating to pre-audit of pay bills, T. A. bills, etc. of the Ministers.
    10. Officially sponsored visits of members of Assembly to places in the interest of public service.
    11. Work connected with the All India Whips' Conference.
    12. Precedents, decisions and rulings of the Speaker on different matters.
    13. Advice on Parliamentary matters.

     Other duties include :

    1. Governor's Address to the Assam Legislative Assembly.
    2. Planning and coordination of legislative and other official business.
    3. Appointment of Members of Legislative Assembly for Committees and other bodies set up by the Government.
    4. Functioning of Consultative Committees of Assam Legislative Assembly for various Ministries.
    5. Implementation of the assurances given by Ministers in the Assam Legislative Assembly.
    6. Advice to Ministries on procedural and other matters.
    7. Matters connected with powers, privileges and immunities of Members of the Legislative Assembly.
    8. Organizing of Youth Parliament competitions in schools/colleges throughout the State.
    9. The Salaries, Allowances and Pensions of Members of the Assam Legislative Assembly.
    10. The Salaries and Allowances of the Speaker of the Assam Legislative Assembly.
    11. The Salaries and Allowances of the Deputy Speaker of the Assam Legislative Assembly.
    12. The Salaries and Allowances of the Ministers, Deputy Ministers and State Ministers of the Assam Legislative Assembly.
    13. The Salary and Allowances of the Leader of Opposition in the Assam Legislative Assembly.